PHRi Certification is a professional credential with the capacity to stand you out in your career. The certificate is awarded or administered by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). PHRI certification demonstrates the holders mastery of the generally accepted technical and operational human resources principles independent of geographic region.

The professional in human resources international certification credential shows that the holder has the latest relevant skills and techniques to function anywhere globally. This is an HR global competency-based certification created to validate HR professionals core skills with simple membership requirement The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) does not have the IIBA kind of membership. And its totally different from the PMI membership as well.

Benefits of Professional in Human Resources International (PHRI) Certification

There are numerous benefits associated with PHRI certification for individuals and organizations. Below are 7 benefits of been PHRi certified.

1. The credential leads to quick promotion in your organization. The professional in human resources international credential has a resultant effect of quick promotion in your work place. The certification will set you apart from your colleagues because of your new acquired skills via the PHRi training. You will be more efficient at doing your job and thus more roles that will lead to promotion within a short time.

2. PHRI certification stands you out in the job market. With this credential added to your curriculum vitae, you will stand out from your competitors while seeking for a job. Recruiters and employers will see you as a person dedicated to career excellency development. This will automatically distinguish you from other candidates and give you a favourable edge.

3. Potential increase in pay. One benefit of been PHRi certified is the fact that you stand a chance to have your salary increased. HR professionals with PHRi certification earn more than those without certification. “According to Payscale’s research report, the median pay for an HR professional with any certification was $64,700 while those without certification made around $45,600—a difference of nearly $20,000!

The report showed than even when HR professionals carried exactly the same title, those with certifications tended to make more on average. For example, HR Directors with SPHR certifications made about $98,600 on average, while HR Directors with no certifications made about $76,500.” HR Payroll Systems.PHRi

4. Provides you with global recognition as an HR professional. As a certified HR professional, you gain global recognition. You will be recognized as professional world wide and able able to fit into roles globally because of your training.

5. Spotlight candidates superior knowledge. PHRi certification will help you demonstrates superior knowledge and help you bring more ideas to your company for better management. Because you are now equipped with fresh HR skills and techniques, you can easily bring new ideas to move your company forward.

6. Boosts your confidence. PHRI credential is a prestigious personal achievement in your career journey. It boost your confidence in your worth and enables you negotiate better terms for yourself.

7. Helps you protect your organization. The knowledge you acquire from the certification training will help you protect your company by ensuring your firm’s regulatory compliance.


PHRI certification is definitely worth it for all HR professionals. Though the credential require a budget for some class of people, the benefits are a thousand times more than the cost of certification.