We were recently talking about how its becoming more challenging to secure your dream job. In fact it is extremely difficult to get your dream job if you live in certain countries. But, if you know how to find jobs on LinkedIn, your job hunt maybe over before you know it. LinkedIn is one of the best platform to get hired for obvious reasons if you know what to do. Whether you are looking to work remotely or direct for a company, LinkedIn is a great place to this done.

Why Should You Learn How to Find Jobs on LinkedIn

In his book Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman, Myles Munroe opined that “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Why should you invest a little bit of your time so you could get a job through LinkedIn, is it worth it at all?

Well here are LinkedIn stats for your consideration.

  • LinkedIn has over 610 million members.
  • LinkedIn boast of 303 million active users per month, and 40% of users visit the platform daily.
  • 77% of recruiters are on LinkedIn.
  • 33% of millionaires use LinkedIn.
  • About 62 million new users join LinkedIn every year.
  • A staggering 92% of fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn
  • Over 20 million open positions on LinkedIn jobs section.

I think you would agree that LinkedIn is the number 1 career platform. Thus, you need to know how to use LinkedIn to find a job fast. Finding a job is serious business. This is because a job has the capacity to alter your life journey in a fresh direction. Therefore, you need to take this serious and secure the best opportunity for you.That way you don’t just settle for anyone that comes along.

Below is a List of How to Find Jobs on LinkedIn

1. Create a LinkedIn Job Hunting Schedule

This might sound funny, but it is critical to your success. If you really want to apply for jobs on LinkedIn and succeed fast, you need to have a set time you do this daily. Daily may not be feasible for those who are already busy with a day job and looking for better offers. But, you need to plan your job hunt. That way, you know of more openings and are able to keep tag of positions you have already applied for.

If you don’t plan this, you will find that a whole week has passed without actively doing anything meaningful to get your dream job. The planning faze also mean creating a good profile.

2. Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

The importance of this step cannot be over-emphasized. Your entire LinkedIn profile is technically your resume. Ensure you use the right picture, write a great Bio, be clear with your experiences, etc.

According to LinkedIn, members with a profile picture are 14 times more likely to get their page viewed. Similarly, those who post their skills are 13 times more likely to have profile views when compared to those who don’t.

On Linked in,there are over 45,000 skills to choose from to spice up your profile, so utilize. Add a great profile to get noticed quickly, but also add your skills to get views from the right recruiters.

3. Write a Great Summary of Your Career.

Not everybody write smoothly, but you can perfectly do this if you put your mind to it. Try writing about yourself, and ensure you include specifics and quantifiable achievements in your previous or current Job.

Try to make your write-up between 100 to 300 words and use keywords and phrases that you would find in a job description. Be very comprehensive about your current skills and how adaptable you are. What do you think will happen if recruiter decide to check you out and there is no adequate information that sells you?

4. Let People Know You Need a Job If You Want to Find a Jobs on LinkedIn

Outside of LinkedIn, what would you do if you needed a job? You would certainly tell your friends about it. The same principle works well with LinkedIn.

Make this known by using your headline to make the announcement to the community. For instance “An experienced project manager ready to take your company to the next level” If a recruiter sees an interesting headline in the area he need a staff, you bet he will check you out instantly.

5. Make Sure You Turn on Job Alerts

One essential element of online job search is job alerts. Imagine an employer wants to employ someone fast. He will attend to first few application and once he finds the right candidate, the opening is close.

If you don’t have job alert turned on, you will most likely not know when jobs are just posted. You might even be sending application after others have been considered. So ensure to turn on job alert on LinkedIn. This feature is available when you are filtering your search for jobs.

This will enable you know the instant new job in your area are available so you could apply before application flood employers.

LinkedIn has expanded this alert feature and there are a lot more choices you can make. You could even target specific companies, so you could get alerted once they post job openings.

Class of LinkedIn Job Alert/Notification

  • Email notification.
  • Mobile alert
  • Desktop notification. All notifications are once daily.

6. Follow Companies You Would Like to Working For

The LinkedIn platform makes it super fast finding and following companies. You want to find jobs on LinkedIn fast, you need to follow your choice companies. This will keep you updated about company news which can help in interview and keep you aware of when vacancies exist in the firm.

Companies like employing qualified candidates with in dept knowledge about what they do. Following them will provide you with the right information about the company.

As earlier stated, you can opt to see the company’s posts in your news feed or get job alerts for their opening positions or both.

7. To Find a Job on LinkedIn You Need to Get Active to Be Noticed By Employers

Lets face it, you can’t open and account and never use it and expect to get employed fast. Its just like other social network, if you want the community to notice you, get active.

Give sound and brilliant comments on recruiters and employers post. What do people on social media do when they see a brilliant or funny comment? They check out the person who left the comment and follow them in some cases. When you write an apt comment about a post, people are going to notice you instantly. This will make your job hunting easier.

8. Be Actively Involved in LinkedIn Professional Groups

Just like the above, make it a point of duty to join and be active on LinkedIn professional group. By active i mean comment, answer questions and make post where applicable.

The way to know the right professional group to join is to search for them. Conduct an advanced search to identify professional groups in the area your qualification and experience applies.

Doing this regularly and not one off will expand your network and showcase your expertise. Imagine providing accurate answers to questions asked in professional group, people will take note of you. Also, go for groups that are active daily/weekly. Check their activities, if they are not regular, don’t waste your time with such. Be active in an active professional group and act brilliantly.

9. Link to Your Personal Websites

Another great way to quickly find a job on LinkedIn is adding your website link to your profile. This will not apply to everybody, but to those who have a web page that showcases their work and talent.

If you are a designer, a freelancer or someone who have a personal website you can sell yourself efficiently by adding your website. If done properly this could easily give you a big boost.


Learning how to find jobs on LinkedIn is crucial to job hunting success on the platform. Now that you know what to do, waste no time, start implementing and before you know it you job is here.

Also have it in mind that getting invited for interview is one thing, and actually knowing how to answer interview questions is another. Be that as it may, adequate preparation will help scale any interview seamlessly.

What other method have you used to find job fast on LinkedIn, please share in the comment section.